Non NHS Services

Non-NHS Medical Examinations

Examinations for licenses for HGV and PSV drivers, adoption and insurance medicals etc. are not covered by the NHS.

Please ask at the surgery and we will be able to advise you of the professional fee for such services before you book an appointment.

Patient charges for Non-NHS Services

Why do we charge for some services?

GPs are contracted to the NHS to provide medical services for their patients. This is provided for free. Where the patient seeks a service that is not included within this contract, a charge will be made.

Work outside doctors’ main NHS contracts, includes:

Work for local and central government, e.g. social services work, mental health assessments.

Work for the NHS that does not form part of their main contract, e.g. lectures to NHS staff, GP.

Reports and examinations requested by third parties, e.g. insurance reports, medico-legal work.

Reports and certificates requested by patients ,e.g. to support an application for a driving licence, private prescriptions, letters for school or work.

We ask to be allowed 28 working days to complete these requests.

Benefits Requests

Sometimes we get requests from patients who require a letter of support to confirm they were unable to claim benefits at the correct time due to physical or mental illness. This may help them have benefits back dated. If you request a letter for this purpose there will be a charge made.

Housing Requests

We also have requests from patients who wish to provide information to the housing department. It is always advisable to contact Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) on 01296 585197 / 01296 585168 before you request a letter of this sort, as it may not be beneficial to your case, yet a charge will be incurred. You can also visit Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Examination / School Requests

During the school year we sometimes receive requests from parents for a letter to confirm that the reason their child has missed and exam or not performed to their normal standard is because the child has been ill. These letters incur a charge as they do not form part of standard NHS work.

Current Price List

Please see below for a guidance price list.

Non-NHS Fees 

Charges apply to both adults and children.

A separate information leaflet is available for patients that explains our charging policy in relation to Travel Vaccinations.

Non-NHS services not detailed below will be dealt with on a case by case basis.