Our Staff


All of our doctors are generalists but each has developed areas of special interest. Patients are free to choose between the doctors in the practice and you may consult different doctors for specific problems. It will be helpful, however, if you try to see the same doctor as much as possible.


MA, BM BCh, DCH, FRCGP, Cert Med Ed

Qualified at Oxford University in 1997. Worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital before joining the practice in 2000 as GP registrar. He returned as partner in 2002. He has special interests in child and adolescent health, respiratory disease and rheumatology. He is one of the practice’s GP trainers. He continues to work out of hours locally for Fed Bucks. He is also a Senior GP Appraiser, occasionally sits on the local Performance Advisory Group for NHS England and is a local representative on the Buckinghamshire Local Medical Committee (LMC).



Qualified at University College, London, in 1997. Became partner at Haddenham in May 2004, having previously worked as a full-time salaried GP. She has special interests in palliative care, women’s health and diabetes. She is one of the practice’s GP trainers. She also is a senior examiner for the Royal College of General Practitioners and one of the Clinical Directors for the Aylesbury Vale South Primary Care Network (PCN) in which the practice is a member.



Qualified at Manchester University in 1999. Became partner at Haddenham in July 2008. She has special interests in child health and women’s health. Outside the practice, she sits on the Governing Body of the Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and is the CCG Clinical Lead for Integrated Care, chairs the Quality and Performance Committee, and is appointed to the statutory role of Caldicott Guardian



Qualified at University College, London in 2005. Worked in London before joining the practice in 2012 as a partner. He is married and has two children. His special interests include minor surgery, cardiology, diabetes and palliative care. He is also fluent in British Sign Language. He is responsible for our medical student training. He continues to work for the Out of Hours provider, Harmoni.



Qualified in 2007 in Cardiff and became a member of Royal college of GPs in 2013. Briony previously worked in Aylesbury before moving to the practice. She has a special interest in women’s health and sexual health.



Louise is originally from Wales and qualified from Bristol University in 2015. She has been working in Buckinghamshire for the last 3 years and became a member of the Royal College of General Practice 2020.

Foundation Programme Doctor

As a training practice, we are sometimes joined by foundation programme doctors for four months. He or she is a fully qualified doctor having usually completed at least one year of hospital training. Foundation doctors are not training to be GPs but attached as part of their junior doctor training. They join us to learn general skills and gain a greater understanding of the practice of medicine in different settings.

GP Trainee

We are a Training Practice and so from time to time we are joined by a GP Trainee. He or she is a fully qualified doctor having already completed at several years of hospital training who may join us for an attachment of several months between hospital jobs before joining us for a final year to complete their specialist GP training. In our role as a Training Practice we are regularly inspected to ensure a high quality of care and efficient administration.



Jenny is an experienced generalist Practice Nurse who specialises in travel medicine and immunisations.


Chris is an experienced generalist Practice Nurse who specialises in diabetes care.


Beverley is an experienced generalist Practice Nurse who specialises in respiratory problems such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


Cheryl is an experienced generalist Practice Nurse.

Healthcare Assistants


Sarah runs a clinic in the morning to take blood when requested by your doctor or nurse. She is also able to test urine, take ECG heart tracings and monitor blood pressure. Eileen can also provide NHS Health Checks.


We have a paramedic who will undertake home visits once they have been agreed by the GP.

Practice Management

The practice manager is responsible for the administration, organisation and management of the practice. They are responsible for the financial management of the practice, as well as ensuring the wellbeing of patients, doctors and staff.



Our Receptionist Staff are there to help you. They have extensive knowledge of the facilities and services available. When telephoning for medical attention the receptionist may ask for a few details, this will enable them to help you in the most appropriate way or to enable the clinical staff to prioritise patients. Please be assured that the rules of confidentiality apply equally to all practice staff. You will not need to see the doctor every time you require a repeat prescription. If you have any queries concerning your prescription, the receptionist will be more than happy to assist with any general enquires.

Care Navigators

Care Navigators are staff who have been trained to help you get help from the right place. Our Care Navigators understand the wide range of clinical skills available in the practice and what alternative services are available in the local area. They will work with you to ensure that you are signposted to the right support at the right time.


Secretary The secretary deals with all hospital referrals. They also manage any requests for insurance reports. They will not chase up referrals for the patient. The patient should contact the hospital direct.

Finance and Audit

The audit clerk assists the doctors in clinical audit to ensure we continue to provide good quality care. Also responsible for updating the accounts and providing audits to the NHS.

Notes and Computer Clerk

Is responsible for maintaining the computer systems. They also supervises the electronic scanning of letters onto the computer systems. They deal with the registration of new patients and removal of patients who have transferred out of the practice area. The computer clerk is also responsible for the upkeep and summarising of medical records.

District Nurses

District Nurses provide skilled nursing care to patients in their own homes. We are fortunate in having an excellent district nursing team allocated to the practice but they are now based in Thame where they work with other district nurses and other community staff. District Nurses provide care for the chronic sick, acute illnesses, wound care, leg ulcer management and prevention, early discharges from hospital, palliative and terminal care, counselling and support for patients and carers. Due to budgetary constraints in the NHS, the district nursing team may not be able to do everything they have previously done for our patients. If they are not able to assist then they will discuss alternative sources of help with you.

Health Visitors

The Health Visitor holds their clinics at the Children’s Centre in Thame. They are available to give advice and support on any matters affecting health, particularly for expectant mothers, families with young children and the elderly. As well as monitoring and advising on the growth and development of young children, they also run post-natal groups to support mothers and teach baby massage. Due to budgetary constraints in the NHS, the health visiting team may not be able to do everything they have previously done for our patients. If they are not able to assist then they will discuss alternative sources of help with you. If you have any concerns or would like to see a member of the team, please phone on 01844 212353.


The Midwife is attached to the practice and is available to provide maternity services in practice. If you are pregnant, you can collect a maternity pack from reception. As well as providing useful information for the early stages of pregnancy, there is a form inside which we would ask you to complete and return to reception. This informs the midwife of your pregnancy and allows her to contact you to arrange the necessary tests and first appointment.