Clinics We Offer

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Antenatal Clinics

Antenatal Clinics are run by the Community Midwife who will monitor your health through pregnancy and the development of your unborn baby. Appointments for the Clinic should be made through reception. When your pregnancy has been confirmed reception will give you a maternity pack, which will give all the information you need on what to do next.

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Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Clinics

Asthma checks and checks for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are carried out by one of our practice nurses, who has undergone specialist training. She provides monitoring of your condition, advice on inhaler technique and new medications.

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Cervical Smears

It is very important for all women between 20 and 65 to have a cervical smear test every three to five years for which they will receive a recall letter.

The test is carried out by the practice nurse.

If you haven't been for a Cervical Smear Test before you may be wondering what happens during your appointment.
This NHS page explains everything you can expect during a smear test.

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Child Health and Vaccinations

Childhood vaccinations are started at 2, 3 and 4 months old and continue at intervals until the child goes to school. These vaccinations protect children from serious illness. Your child will be invited by post to attend for vaccination. If you have any concerns about the safety of vaccination, please discuss with the Health Visitor, our Child Immunisation Practice Nurse, or one of the doctors. Child vaccination clinics are held on Tuesday afternoon.

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Diabetes Clinic

Diabetic checks are carried out by the practice nurse, who assesses all aspects of your diabetic care.

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Family Planning

Contraceptive services and advice are available from all of our doctors. Dr Briony Rixon has clinics to administer contraceptive services such as IUCD (coils) and implants.

A consultation will need to be booked with Dr Rixon initially to discuss the options with a follow on appointment.


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Minor Surgery

Dr. Munir carries out some minor surgical procedures in the practice including cryotherapy for freezing skin lesions that do not need surgical removal.

Dr. Howcutt and Dr. Munir carry out most of the joint and soft-tissue injections in the practice. Your doctor will refer you to these clinics if it is appropriate.